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What is your cabinet refinishing process?

It is very important to use the correct process and products to achieve a durable factory-like finish. We have an 8-step finishing process that is 100% sprayed on (we don't brush or roll anything). Prior to spraying your cabinets, we will wash them to remove any grime and grease build-up. Your doors and drawers will be taken off-site to be sprayed while your cabinet boxes will be sprayed in place. Typical turnaround time for the average size kitchen is 5-6 days. If we're making new cabinet fronts, this would add an additional 5-8 days to the project. 

What is the 8-step painted finishing process?

Step 1: Degrease and scuff sand to ensure primer has good adhesion.

Step 2: Spray first coat of primer.

Step 3: Sand with 220 grit and repair any imperfections. 

Step 4: Spray second coat of primer.

Step 5: Sand with 320/400 grit for an ultra smooth primer finish. 

Step 6: Spray first coat of catalyzed polyurethane.

Step 7: Sand with ultra fine sanding pads. 

Step 8: Spray second coat of catalyzed polyurethane.

What is catalyzed polyurethane?

We use a water based polyurethane that is catalyzed. This is the same product and process that cabinet manufacturers use. It is a harder, more chemical resistant and washable finish. All our products are water based to avoid spraying harmful chemicals in your home. 

Please note: It is never recommended to use latex paints when finishing cabinets because it won't wear well and will chip overtime. 

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